The Alexander Technique is not about what you do but about how you do it. Learning the Technique allows you to carry out your daily activities with less effort and more freedom and poise.

Common way of using laptop and using laptop with ease and poise

Straining neck when using mobile and using mobile with no neck strain

Workplace balance Presenting with ease

The Alexander Technique is also about learning how to stop and quieten down our too-often hyperactive selves (mind/body).

Active rest Posture work

Working with arms Standing in balance

Further example of Alexander table work Continuing Alexander table wor

Learning the Alexander Technique leads to a better understanding of ourselves and of how to think differently for positive change.

Understand your body think-differently-2

Some other examples of working with clients doing everyday activities:

Common way of using tablet and using tablet with ease and poise

Straining back loading washing machine and in balance to load washing machine

Straining shoulders and neck compared to balanced standing and reaching without strain

Common way of lifting  and lifting protecting the back

Balance Tiptoe with ease

Pause before action and  reach without strain

Standing using mobile and standing with poise using mobile