Dave’s Story

Dave is a web developer and musician who began lessons because of chronic back pain, as well as to gain knowledge to supplement his musical technique.

‘I spent the majority of my twenties focusing primarily on touring, both in bands and as a crew member. When I was 27 I was diagnosed with a curved spine, caused by a broken collarbone that had healed badly and been exacerbated by too many years of lifting heavy equipment incorrectly. I underwent six months of physiotherapy and tried yoga, but it was evident that these only really helped with the symptoms, and didn’t give me any insight into what caused them.

When I moved to Edinburgh, I knew that Alexander Technique was something I wanted to look into. I wanted to try and manage my back pain, but I had also heard that it could help me refine my musical technique, both as a singer and string player. I found Julia online, and was surprised at how rapidly I noticed a change in both my back pain and musical technique. My movement felt lighter and freer, and two years later my awareness of my body has completely changed. My movements as a musician are more precise, I’m able to analyse my own technique more effectively, and I’m far more relaxed and in control as a singer. Most importantly, while my back pain will never go away completely, thanks to Julia I have the tools to manage it. It almost never bothers me, and when it does, I’m able to take control of it and still have a productive day.