Books etc

Many books and articles have been published on the Alexander Technique and there are numerous web resources. While these can never be a substitute for direct experience, they can provide an idea of what the Technique is about, as well as providing useful further insights once you begin lessons. A selection of those which I think may be of particular interest is listed below. These and other publications can be obtained from general bookstores/on-line suppliers or from specialist book suppliers. Do check out the specialist suppliers – not only will you be supporting small independent businesses but sometimes they are cheaper than the multinationals, even including postage and packing.


  • How you stand, how you move, how you live. Missy Vineyard. Marlowe and Company; ISBN 13-978-1-60094-006-4
    this comprehensive and thoughtful book will be of interest whether you are new to the Technique or have studied it for many years. It is also my personal favourite.
  • The Alexander Technique: A skill for life. Pedro De Alcantara. The Crowood Press Ltd. ISBN-10: 1861262868.
    a helpful and interesting introductory book.
  • Body learning. Michael Gelb. Aurum Press; ISBN 1-85410-959-6
    another good introduction to the Alexander Technique.
  • Connected Perspectives: The Alexander Technique in Context. Editors: Claire Rennie, Tanya Shoop, Kamal Thapen. Hite Publications; ISBN 978-0-9568997-4-3.
    an eclectic mix of articles covering all aspects of the Alexander Technique.
  • FM, The life of Frederick Matthias Alexander, Founder of the Alexander Technique. Michael Bloch. Little Brown; ISBN 0-316-86048-4
    perhaps the most comprehensive biography available.
  • Freedom to change. Frank Pierce Jones. Mouritz; ISBN 0-9525574-7-9
    a commentary on the life of FM Alexander, combined with a description of the author’s own scientific studies on the Technique.
  • The art of changing. Glen Park. Ashgrove Publishing; ISBN 1-85398-130-3
    an easy-to-read introduction to the Technique.
  • The art of swimming. Steven Shaw and Armand D’Angour. Ashgrove Publishing; ISBN 1-85398-140-0
    the Alexander Technique applied to swimming.
  • The expanding self. Goddard Binkley. STAT books; ISBN 0-9519304-3-5
    a personal account of lessons with FM Alexander by someone who went on to train as a teacher.



  • Art of swimming: The Shaw method
    the Alexander Technique applied to swimming.
  • For dancers, The Alexander Technique, with Jane Kosminsky. ISBN 0-9674335-1-7
    Alexander Technique applied to dance, featuring workshop at the Juillard school (New York). Also contains archival footage of FM Alexander.



  • The art of changing. Glen Park. Ashgrove Publishing; ISBN 1-85398-148-6
    an accompaniment to the book of the same name.