Amanda’s Story

Amanda is a private tutor and began lessons because of posture issues

‘Just over a year ago, I nervously made my way to my first appointment with Julia. I was unsure of everything except the fact that I needed help. Fast forward to today and I can confidently say that Frederick Alexander and Julia Woodman, have put me well and truly on the right path, although I sometimes wobble and fall off it. 

I have mild scoliosis, in the form of a spinal curve to the left and, while it isn’t a serious problem, this has caused years of unpleasant sensations, ranging from discomfort to downright agony. Thankfully, a combination of CoMra therapy and massage have been extremely effective in sorting the problem, and the curve is now much reduced. However, despite my improvements, I was in need of ‘something’ to help me rectify my old, hunched-over, posture and annoying habit of sitting bending to the left.

Slowly, slowly I am learning to do things differently and with excellent results. I am taller again, I have fewer headaches, I can sit without pain – most especially on buses – and have a far more positive outlook. I am also learning to live more in the present and be less stressed about the future. 

All in all I heartily recommend the Alexander Technique, and Julia’s expert teaching of the methods. I still have a long way to go but the future is looking bright!’