Peter’s story

Peter is a staff nurse and began lessons because of chronic back pain


‘I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in my lumbar spine 5 years ago. I quickly understood that, moving forward, it was going to be a case of management and not treatment and there started the long and necessary process of re-appraising my habits, behaviour and lifestyle. The most recent phase of this ongoing process has been the discovery of the Alexander Technique. With Julia’s help and guidance I have begun to better understand and control my approach to performing day-to-day behaviours such as sitting and lifting – behaviours which, when performed incorrectly, can over time cause or compound injuries.

I am by no means free of pain and discomfort, but through the gradual implementation of the technique I have significantly reduced the frequency and intensity of these episodes which I used to consider a part of my life. Perhaps, most importantly, I have discovered a new confidence and mental resilience stemming from a real sense of winning back control over my body. This has enabled me to return, at least in moderation, to some of the physical and recreational activities that a few years ago I seemed to have no choice but to give up. Your sessions with Julia are really just the beginning – there is no telling what victories you will win with the Alexander Technique in the future!’