Sharon’s story

Sharon is a freelance photographer.

‘I decided to try Alexander Technique lessons after suffering from neck and upper back pain for over a year. I was also concerned about my posture; I had always ‘slumped’ a bit but I felt that it had become worse with my neck pain. I chose to learn the Alexander Technique with Julia as I liked her science background and thought her website was informative.

Once I began lessons, I found that my pain level reduced quite quickly. I now rarely suffer from pain in my neck or back. I returned to college as a mature student and I think I would have really struggled to sit through lectures, etc without the Alexander Technique. My posture has also improved noticeably. I have continued to have lessons as I find the Alexander Technique has benefited me in other ways that I had not expected, for example, I have more balance walking down steep hills, I no longer get cramp in my hand when writing essays and I feel less scared when going to the dentist!’